jumpringsWe use the highest quality jump rings available.  Most are saw cut by hand rather than machine cut resulting in flush ends that permit the rings to be closed as smoothly and neatly as possible.  Every effort is made to ensure each jump ring joins as seamlessly as possible.  Both sides of the joined ring will be viewed and most will also get the fingertip rub to catch anything that may pick clothing.  You may notice that we offer to custom make some of our pieces in Argentium silver which is almost white in color and tarnish resistant; a cut above sterling. A simple rinse and drying with a lint free cloth about every six months will restore its natural luster. A silver polishing product should not be used on Argentium. If you are contemplating purchasing sterling silver, please compare the price to the Argentium.

All precious metals should be kept in a zip lock type bag when not worn to prevent tarnish. A simple Baggie will work for this purpose.

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